Glycol Palmitate Ester

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Glycol Palmitate (Lanol P)

is an ester of palmitic acid and ethylene glycol that acts as a stabilizer, thickener, and emollient for emulsions (creams and lotions). It works especially well in conunction with Montanov 68 (Vegetal) to create soft and silky creams

Used in conjunction with a primary emulsifier such as Olivem 1000, Natragem EW, or Montanov 68 Glycol Palmitate (acting as a co-emulsifier) will help to stabilise the emulsion.

Rather than increasing the amount of the primary emulsifier to thicken the finished product (as many formulators are inclined to do) add Glycol Palmitate and / or Cetyl Alcohol to thicken the emulsion. Employing fatty alcohols or thickening esters to an emulsion rather than increasing the amount of the primary emulsifier can help reduce the soaping (whitening) effect that can occur when creams are applied and rubbed into the skin

INCI Glycol Palmitate

Appearance – White wax flakes / pastilles

Usage – Typically 1% – 3% as co-emulsifier / thickening agent in creams

Process: Add to heated oil phase


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  1. Peter

    Never used this ingredient before but, following a recommendation from The Formulary I added it to my cream formulation. I reduced my emulsifier by 1% and added 1.5% % Lanol P. The new cream feels nicer on the skin and absorbs better.

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