Natragem EW. Ecocert Approved Emulsifier


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Natragem Ew is a highly efficient and effective 100% natural emulsifier.  It can create pourable lotions to high viscosity creams which are non-whitening* on the skin and have great sensory benefits. It is as mild as water on the skin.

* In our trials we actually found the emulsifier to be particularly problematic in regard to micro-foaming (the whitening effect some creams display when rubbed into the skin). However when we combined Natragem EW with a low HLB emulsifier (we used Glyceryl Stearate) whitening all but disappeared.  Although we have not undertaken exhaustive tests to derive the ideal ratio to mitigate soaping completely, a ratio of 1.5:1 (Natragem EW: Glyceryl Stearate worked well.

Example: for a 15% oil content we would recommend

15% Oils / Esters

3% Natragem EW

2% Glyceryl Stearate

1% Cetyl Alcohol (2% for a thicker cream)

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