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is a skin-conditioning agent naturally derived from coconut oil to provide high hydration, superb spreadability, and elegant slip.

Add to your creams and lotions especially if your formulation includes plant oils to reduce the heaviness and greasiness typical of plant oil based creams.

Simply replace part of the plant oil component in your recipe with this ester. For example if your formulation includes 15% plant oils then try replacing 5% of the oils with 5% Coco-caprylate. You’ll feel the difference.

Coco-caprylate also works well in shampoos where it will impart shine and gloss to the hair

INCI: Coco-caprylate-caprate

Usage: 2% to 10% Typically 5%. Add to heated oil phase

This ingredient is regarded as very safe for skin. More

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COA Coco-caprylate

MSDS Coco-caprylate

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    Good product. Lowest price I’ve found online.

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