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K-20W Jojoba Esters

is a hydrolised ester that, when combined with glycerine in a formulation, provides significant long term moisturisation benefits. Tests demonstrate that using a ratio of 3:1 (Glycerine to K-20W) provides 24 hour moisturisation.

This ability makes the combination an ideal component in any skin cream or lotion but particularly in formulations for dry skin.

A study investigated a synergy between Floraesters K-20W Jojoba and glycerin to increase 24h moisturisation

Skin hydration was measured as transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Results found that significantly higher moisturisation occurred in the topical formulations containing 3.75% glycerin and 1.25% jojoba esters. Results indicate that glycerin and Floraesters K20-W Jojoba work in tandem to enhance 24 hour skin moisturisation

Usage Rate: Ideally 1.25% of your formulation in combination with 3.75 Glycerine. Clinical Proof Here

Although the ester can be added to the heated water phase we prefer to incorporate jojoba esters shortly after forming the emulsion (just after combining the heated water and oil phases)

Although expensive bear in mind that a 100ml bottle at £7.50 will be sufficient for 8 litres of finished product at the recommended usage rate.

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