Avocado Oil Refined


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Avocado Oil Refined

is a rich and deeply penetrating oil. It contains beneficial vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, D and E. It contains high levels of sterolins which are reputed to fade age spots and hyper-pigmentation. Avocado Oil contains high levels of Oleic Acid and so is deeply moisturising. It can help with skin damage, regeneration and cell regeneration (from the Oleic acid). Research has shown that Avocado Oil Refined can help stimulate collagen production. It is ideal for formulations for dry and damaged skin. As it is regarded as fairly comedogenic it perhaps should not be used in products for oily and combination skin.


Why refined? We stock both the cold pressed and refined versions of this oil. Cold Pressed is a method by which the avocado kernels are pressed in rollers to extract the oil. This method creates an oil which may have more nutritional / therapeutic elements preserved. However, this method maintains a strong greenish colour and earthy odour which, if used in skincare preparations might affect the colour and odour of the finished product. So while the oil might bestow enhanced therapeutic benefits, the aesthetics of the product will be affected, Refined avocado oil is refined to remove much of the colour and odour compared to cold pressed oil. Some of the essential ‘goodness’ might be lost (though not significantly), but the aesthetics of any finished skincare product will be improved

Oleic Acid enhances penetration of the skin by active ingredients and will enhance their benefits.

INCI: Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil

Fatty Acid Profile

Palmitic 12.0 – 20.0 %
Palmitoleic 2.0 – 10.0 %
Stearic 0.1 – 2.0 %
Oleic 55.0 – 75.0 %
Linoleic 9.0 – 17.0 %
Linolenic 0.1 – 2.0 %

Product Declarations:

Animal Testing: We can confirm that Avocado Oil, Cold Pressed has not been Animal Tested for cosmetic purposes by or on behalf of the company, nor has any of its component parts named in the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary & Handbook (11th Edition), 31st December 1990.

Leaping Bunny: We can confirm that Avocado Oil, Cold Pressed complies with the criteria of the Humane Cosmetics Standard & has not been tested or re-tested on animals for cosmetic purposes by or on behalf of The Formulary

Vegan: We can confirm that Avocado Oil, Cold Pressed is suitable for Vegans.

BSE/TSE Status: We can confirm that Avocado Oil, Cold Pressed is not derived from Animal Origin, therefore a BSE/TSE statement is not applicable.

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