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Sepimax Zen:

Please note that our current batch of the polymer has an EXP of March 2021. Bu,t as a dry powder stored in a cool dry environment, it is perfectly fine for continued use (I believe that EXP dates on dry powders are a little arbitrary!). We do have a new batch on order but as we are experiencing significant delays importing goods then we’re not expecting receipt for  several weeks

Sepimax Zen is a thickening, stabilising and texturising powder polymer. It forms transparent gels with a velvety, rich and elegant feel. It is versatile and can be used in both skin care and hygiene products.

Sepimax Zen features

  • Ready-to-use: pre-neutralised powder
  • Cold or hot process
  • pH range: 2-8
  • Multifunctional: thickening, stabilising and texturizing
  • Extreme resistance to electrolytes up to 10% salt
  • Forms clear aqueous gels
  • Excellent particle suspension power
  • Sprayable fluid to thick textures
  • Compatible with ethanol and other solvents, surfactants, AHAs, salicylic acid, sun filters and sunscreens, pigments.

INCI: Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6

Usage (Please note the following are not manufacturers recommendations but are based in our own experience of working with this polymer for a while)

Stabilising / thickening polymer in creams – 0.3% added to heated water phase (add other heated water phase ingredients and heat to 80c – sprinkle Sepimax onto surface of water while whizzing with a stick blender on full speed)

Gelling agent. 1.5% to 3% added to cold water. Sprinkle onto surface and leave for 8 hours. Then gently stir with a spatula or similar suitable implement. You should obtain a crystal clear gel.

Sepimax Zen is an ideal gelling agent for making hand sanitiser. Although the manufacturer (Seppic) states that Sepimax Zen at 3% can support 70% alcohol, their own recipe for a 68% alcohol sanitising gel uses 0.8% Sepimax Zen. We recommend the addition of Zemea Propanediol (vegetable derived) or Glycerine at 4% to offset the drying effect of the alcohol. As

Our recipe would be

Isopropyl Alcohol 70%     952g
Glycerine or Propanediol  40g
Sepimax Zen                    8g

If you wish, you can add a couple of drops of tea tree, mint, or eucalyptus oil to the gel before adding the sepimax zen.

If ordering this product to make your own sanitising gel we have 100ml white plastic bottles with lotion pumps available for just 50p each (plus VAT) View here

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