Ascorbyl Glucoside


Stabilised form of Vitamin C

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Ascorbyl glucoside (AA-2G) is a vitamin derivative, produced biologically by the reaction between glucose and vitamin C. This addition confers greater stability, compared to relatively unstable pure ascorbic acid, thus allowing for wide usage in pharmacy and cosmetics.

AA-2G retains the antioxidant properties of the unmodified vitamin, therefore it is used to prevent radiation damage, cell senescence and skin darkening. It also promotes collagen synthesis, as well as cell proliferation – these mechanisms help improve the appearance of the skin and reduce wrinkles. Furthermore, since AA-2G does not release ascorbic acid instantly, all the listed positive effects are sustained longer and the possibility of adverse effects is reduced, compared to using pure ascorbic acid. All these qualities make AA-2G the most attractive vitamin C derivative for cosmetic use.

Usage Rate: Up to 5%. Dissolve first in warm water. Add at cool down (below 40C). Remember to account for the water used to dissolve the Ascorbyl Glucoside. Adjust pH of product to 3.0

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