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Renovage ™

is a potent multi-function anti-ageing active ingredient. Ideal for formulations for mature skin but useful for younger complexions also. It has the unique ability to lengthen cell life by 33%. As cell life is a marker for ageing of the skin, the ability to extend cell life represents a significant action to maintain a  youthful appearance.

Renovage Properties:

  • Repairs loss of firmness and elasticity.
  • Moisturises and refines the skin grain (reduces enlarged pores)
  • Evens skin tone by fading redness and age spots.

• Skin moisturisation
Hydration    +34%, after 1 month
up to +38%, after 3 months

• Skin barrier reinforcement
Water loss -11%, after 3 months

• Pore refining
Dilated pores  -17%,  after 1 month
up to -26%, after 6 months

• Improvement of the viscoelastic properties
Firmness  +12%, after 1 month
Elasticity  +11%, after 1 month
Tone        +15%, after 1 month

Clinical Test Results courtesy of Sederma

INCI: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride –Teprenone

Usage Rate: 1% to 3%
Add to creams and emulsions at cool down ( 40C or below). Works well in anhydrous (water free) products.

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