Grape Seed Extract Powder

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Grape Seed Extract

is derived from grape seeds and contains high levels of proanthocyanins – a powerful anti-oxidant whose ability to suppress free radical activity in the skin may surpass vitamin c and vitamin e

Skin Benefits of Grape Seed Extract:

Sun damage protection
Sun damage repair
Sebum regulation
Lightening and brightening
Wound healing

Research was conducted into the effects of grapeseed extract (GSE) on skin cells exposed to hogh levels of UVA  light. The research concluded that “GSE can be used as an effective and sustainable natural resource for prevention of UV-induced skin damage providing long-term protection against premature skin aging.”. Reference

INCI: Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract
Usage rate: Up to 2% but please be aware that the extract will colour your finished product

How to use: Add to heated water phase for hot process products. Alternatively, and for cold process products, dissolve the extract in warm water and add to your product (remember to adjust the amount of water in your finished product by the amount used to pre-dissolve the extract)

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COA Grapeseed Extract

MSDS Grapeseed Extract


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